Endless Possibilities

Move over Ceramic, Thin Porcelain is the New Normal!

Celebrating Thin Porcelain Tile and installation by Celebre Tile.

Celebrating Thin Porcelain Tile and installation by Celebre Tile.

Celebre tile is the industries premier Thin Tile installation and supply experts, featuring the largest selection of world-class products and artisan installation expertise our craftsman help to turn our customers dreams into reality.

Thin Porcelain’s unrivalled performance, versatility and durability enables our customers to realize a multitude of design application. These wide-range of innovative applications coupled with Celebre Tile’s artisan installation expertise is guaranteed to deliver timeless results.


What Is Thin Porcelain Tile?

Thin Tiles, also referred to as Thin Porcelain Slabs or Thin Porcelain Panels, are an all-natural porcelain product that is available in two thicknesses (3mm & 6mm) and a multitude of sizes, including 5ft x 10ft panels. Lightweight, durable and stunning to look at these products are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Customers using this environmentally-friendly product will appreciate that it does not release any harmful substances into the environment and can be safely recycled.

Thin Porcelain Slabs are also heat resistant, UV resistant (prevents fading), scratch resistant, non-porous, comes in a wide-range of colors and allows for use in a number of creative applications.